Events 2020-21


Mental Health Webinar

In light of the growing need to spread the awareness about importance of mental health, IEEE organized an interactive webinar with Dr. Harish Shetty on 12th July,2020.

Role of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is an ongoing transformation of industrial practices combined with the latest smart technology. IEEE SPIT in collaboration with IEEE Bombay section and SP-TBI organized a webinar on Industry 4.0 by Dr. Santosh Rane, Dean of Academics, SPCE.

Technical Paper Presentation

The final year students Rahul Ramakrishnan and Shambhavi Rege explain how to select a topic for a project and what are field surveys, market surveys and literature surveys.Then they spoke about their own papers and briefly explained their experience of doing projects.

Technical Competitions

Recognizing the growing doubts and queries arising in the minds of students graduating to their next year regarding technical com very talented individuals, in an attempt to guide the curious minds.

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