Aarambh 2022

The event began with an introduction by the host, Rushikesh Sangole , Head of Strategy at IEEE SPIT
and Vaishnavi, Head of Creatives. The first year students were encouraged to interact with the seniors.
Juniors opened up to seniors as they took advice regarding various things and after fun interaction the
team started the game. Vaishnavi then explained the rules of the games. The first game was English
Vinglish in which the names of Hindi songs were translated in English and vice versa and the students had
to guess the songs. This was followed by a second game, Emotikaun, in which the names of songs/
movies/ dialogues were encoded in emoticons and the students had to guess them. Juniors were
encouraged to perform in exchange for extra points for their branch.A lot of students came forward to
showcase their skills. This was followed by the game Instrumental wherein the students had to guess a
song by the instruments. The next session began with a bang as it was a Meme challenge. In the end the
game was won by the Computer Department. All in all, it was a super fun event for everyone. The juniors
guessed all the answers rapidly and it was a tough fight among all the branches. At the end the event
concluded with a fun jam session where the members as well as juniors came together to perform. Guitar
performance by Harsh, member of IEEE, set the mood for the further performance which included
melodious songs and graceful dances.