IEEEXtreme Tips & Tricks

Mr Sourabh Soni started with giving out details on how IEEEXtreme was initiated for coding enthusiasts with pieces of information about the 24 hour event which is open to the international committee. The competition is hosted simultaneously around the world either virtually or in supervised venues. He explained what makes it unique as it is one of the largest competitive programming events with 9000+ participants over 75 different countries all over the world. The quality of the competition is carefully curated by hundreds of IEEE volunteers.

He then gave insights on the format of the competition. The teams need to gather in each venue and login on to the contest platform before 00:00:00 UTC on the competition day. The 24 hour competition will start with a few challenges with 1 to 2 questions added every one hour and the participants can code in 25+ different languages. There will be no penalty if submissions are absent or the amount of time one takes for each problem. The points were awarded as per the difficulty of the problem with 30 points being awarded for correct answers along with extra 70 points depending on the difficulty of the task and the approach of each individual team.

He then beautifully explained how diversified the event has been by showing the winners of IEEEXtreme 14.0 . He shared a few tips on how participants should be active to not miss out any problem statements as they might lose the chance of availing the benefit of easy questions. IEEEXtreme traces back its history to 2006 when it conducted its first event with 44 teams, successfully hosting 4138 teams in 2019 and 3722 teams in 2020. 

To participate in the IEEEXtreme event it is mandatory to have IEEE membership. All IEEE student members can register for the event. The maximum number of participants in one team is limited to 3 and it was recommended to comprise the team with members from the same student branch. Each team will have a proctor to supervise the 24 hour programming competition.The team members must solve the problems without assistance from other team members. It is mandatory to have a proctor in confirmed status else they will be denied prizes and participation certificates.

Mr Sourabh Soni then pointed out that the benefits of participating in the event like building your network with a global programming committee, increasing your personal confidence and receiving feedback on the skills need to be developed for further endeavours . The prizes for the top three contestants include cash prize and various other benefits along with participation certificates for everyone. He provided links and descriptions for contenders to get acquainted with the problem statements.

He then shared his own experience on the 24 hour event providing details about the impact of plagiarism. Even though participants can take ideas and surf through the net, plagiarism will lead to disqualification.

The webinar transformed into a very interactive session when the floor was opened for questions and answers, where Mr Sourabh Soni answered and explained each and every question clearly. At the end of the webinar, Keshav Thosar, IEEEXtreme ambassador for IEEE- SPIT, paid gratitude to all those who took their time out to attend the session, especially Mr Sourabh Soni who graced the event and very precisely explained IEEEXtreme.