All About IEEE Membership

Dr. Sarika started by explaining what IEEE exactly is, its history, and how much it has its dominance all over the world. IEEE was founded in 1967 and has 58 sections, 34 sub-sections, and 6 councils. IEEE S.P.I.T belongs to the Bombay Section. IEEE members will then be a part of the world’s largest association of technical professionals.

Dr. Sarika then started to explain IEEE Membership Benefits, which includes technical support, professional networking, careers and recognition, continuing education, member discounts, humanitarian programs, and many more.

For Technical Content has 3 things that will help the IEEE members i.e. IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Xplore, IEEE member library. Members can get resources at a lesser cost. For Professional Networking, once we create an account on IEEE Collabratec, one can have access to people, communities and networking in the tech world all over the world. This gives a lot of opportunities to create a professional network and work with people in your domain. This comes free to all IEEE members. When it comes to Career and Recognition, IEEE gives a platform since there are a lot many career focused webinars happening. There are also mentoring programs where one can find a mentor in a particular field. IEEE also helps to find job sites. IEEE also conducts various Entrepreneurship programs. There are also various award programs. There are also various IEEE resume labs free for members. IEEE also helps in Education, it has various E-learning online programs. IEEE membership offers member discounts on all its products and services like financial, travel, insurance, etc. There are also various Humanitarian programs. Google apps are also free with no additional cost for IEEE members. 

To know more about the benefits of IEEE membership visit Experience Channel. One can also visit its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles. There’s also an IEEE app to stay connected with virtual events on playstore as well as app store. IEEE also has many scholarships offered to students. There are also student congress and volunteering opportunities.

There are also various student awards. There are various global contests for programming, webdev, etc. IEEE also offers various Funding opportunities as well. 

The webinar transformed into a very interactive session when the floor was opened for questions and answers, where Dr. Sarika answered and explained each and every question clearly. There were many questions by the participants coming through and all their doubts and queries were solved by Mam. At the end of the webinar, the IEEE SPIT team paid gratitude to all those who took their time out to attend the session, especially Dr. Sarika who graced the event and very precisely explained IEEE membership benefits and beautifully answered all the questions which all attendees have had regarding IEEE membership and for making the event a huge success.