IEEE SPIT, keeping in mind the interest of the students about Web Development, organized a webinar on the topic. Mr Ayush Bajaj, an experienced Software engineer currently working in Accops Systems Pvt Ltd, had been invited as the speaker for the webinar.

 He began the webinar in an extremely informal manner so that the students would feel extremely comfortable while approaching him with any doubts and also understand the complexities of the topic in the simplest possible language. He even asked the attendees their preferred language of communication so that it would be easier for them to understand what he is teaching. 

 His way of teaching was extremely practical and topic oriented where he was focusing on only the important content instead of beating around the bush. He taught about the client server architecture which is the most widely used way in Web Development. He also explained in an extremely practical manner the reason why IP address of a website is not used as its name. He further deciphered the code of various websites such as the IEEE website, the Flipkart website and taught the students the HTML returned codefile and how to design a website using code. 

   The students were really intrigued by this practical approach and it turned out to be an interactive session as they asked various questions and doubts regarding the code. Mr Ayush dedicated a lot of time to make sure all the students were given proper answers for all the doubts they had, and he ended the webinar giving the attendees information about the various opportunities available in the web development field and encouraged them to start working and developing their own websites.