App it up : Webinar on App Development

App It Up was a two part event consisting of a webinar on the introduction of app development followed by an app development competition where participants had to develop applications based on the provided problem statements. They were assigned mentors as well to guide them.

Mr. Sudarshan Bhatt, who is currently working at Tata Consultancy Service INDIA, Mumbai as I.T Analyst (Android Developer) and Technical Lead for HDFC Mobile Banking App, was the speaker of the webinar. 

The event began with the introduction of the speaker by Garima. Then Mr. Bhatt began by explaining the different types of applications. He explained what are native, cross platform, hybrid and web applications. He spoke of how to get started with app development and also spoke of Android Studio. He next spoke of some useful tips for beginners. He spoke of the huge demand of application development due to the banning of Chinese Apps by India. He explained about the various languages that can be used for app development and their advantages and disadvantages including Java and Kotlin. He briefly spoke about IOS App Development as well. He discussed about Flutter vs React Native and how to incorporate IOT and AWS in applications. He shared various resources to get started with app development and also encouraged people to use StackOverflow to clear their doubts. This was followed by a very interactive question and answer session.