Project Innovation Challange

Project Innovation Challenge was an online competition, encouraging students to innovate and come up with feasible and creative solutions, along with business ideas combatting real-world problems. Participants could choose any domain, for example, energy management, agricultural solutions, blockchain technology, and present a solution for a particular problem under that domain.
The competition comprised of two parts:
The Qualifying Round: Contestants were required to submit a one-page description of their solution to the problem statement.
Presentation Round: The teams qualified for the final round gave a presentation to a panel of distinguished members with a formal code of conduct.
Judging Criteria included Feasibility, Scalability, Impact, Innovation, Marketing Opportunity and Competitive Advantage. Nearly 30 teams participated and out of them, the top 10 were selected for the Presentation Round. All the ideas presented were very innovative and the event was enjoyed by all.