Advantages Of DBMS

Advantages of DBMS

Database Management System today enjoys one of the most important positions when whole IT Structure of an organisation is kept into perspective.

Advantages of DBMS:

1 Redundancy Control: A data which is stored multiple times at different locations is a redundant data. Redundancy leads to usage of more disk space, inconsistency and duplication of effort.

2. Security: Users should be granted access to only those data and reports which they specifically need. It restricts users from viewing or updating data which is not in their scope.

3. Multiple User Interface: Since the number of end users might be more with varying degree of roles to match their designation, DBMS should provide different User Interfaces to each.

4. Constraints: DBMS should enforce and define some integrity constraints. For e.g. a DBA can specify that in the DB of an University, students name must be of at least 3 characters or grade they receive in exams must be either A, B, C, D or E. So a name cannot be just of 2 characters and a student cannot receive a grade Y.

5. Potential to enforce standards: DBAs can enforce standards depending on the company’s IT policy. For e.g. standards for names, reports, data elements etc.


-Creative:  AROHI SHINDE