Augmented Reality

AUGUMENTED REALITY  – Augmented reality is the blending of interactive digital elements, like dazzling visual overlays, buzzy haptic feedback, or other sensory projections, into our real-world environments. Pokemon Go, a mobile game, allowed users to view the world around them through their smartphone cameras while projecting game items, including onscreen icons, score, and Pokémon creatures, as overlays that made them seem as if those items were right in your real-life neighbourhood. The game’s design was so immersive that it sent millions of kids and adults alike walking and absentmindedly stumbling through their real-world backyards in search of virtual prizes.
With each step forward in the digital revolution, “The Matrix” becomes less like fiction and more like reality. That’s in part because hardware engineers and software developers continue to refine their augmented reality technologies. Augmented reality, AR, it seems, may soon be the true reality for us all. Rather than increase sales, sometimes AR is just created for fun or to engage with customers. Augmented reality has shown great promise in the mobile ad space, along with the gaming industry. Brands like Frooti , OnePlus , Godrej and Tata have been quick to incorporate AR into effective mobile-led advertising campaigns that have proven to enhance user engagement.


-Creatives: GARIMA GUPTA