Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to use their ‘intelligence’ to obey the commands given by its programmer. Intelligence simply means the ability to process data.

AI  future trends

1. Security Strengthened:
The future might see a surge in drone usage. Not to get alarmed! I am talking about the drones used near the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty instead of the ones in the military. A few ecommerce companies are planning to have the products and items delivered to their customers with the use of drone technology. Because  drones are capable of flying, they are less likely to get stuck during road construction or a traffic jam. That way you’ll have instruments to routinely check the regions that
you might not be able to go is a safer way to get things delivered.

2. Boundaries of Digital and Physical will be blurred:
The Turing test suggested that if any man is convinced that he is speaking to a human while communicating with a machine, the machine can be considered as intelligent.

3. Search for Narrowly Scooped Areas to Contribute Towards AI Success Stories:
Narrow AI consists of well scooped highly defined machine learning solutions that choose and perform a single task. The term was coined by Gartner, where the focused is predicted to be in the future. Algorithms are set in their order for narrow AI.

4. Machines Directed by Humans:
Now machines have defeated the smartest human minds in Chess and Go. Also when it comes to recognizing faces and driving safely, machines can outperform humans. Now, there is an increasing prediction that man+machine will be a reality

5. Tipping Point for Intelligence Ecosystem :
Because of the rise in intelligent technologies, many believe it will best if instead of working independently, these machines will connect and work as one (similar to IoT ).