Webinar On Mental Health

In a very fluent and easy manner, Dr. Shetty explained the true meaning of uncertainty and its effects by giving a real-life example and focused on the importance of accepting reality as a sign of progress. Later on, Dr. Shetty moved on to a brief description of what sleep deprivation really means, what might be the cause and its harmful aftereffects. In the next few minutes, the participants were brought to light of a few ways to ensure being physically healthy, some of them include being aware of one’s feelings, improving interpersonal relationships and the most important, feeling good about oneself. Dr. Shetty also talked about what’s classified as normal,difference between joy and pleasure, importance of forming a habit of exercising and involving oneself into yoga and the major need which most of the youth today lacks, the importance of proper sleep and diet. While the
discussion was nearing its end, he highlighted the need to connect and bond with one’s parents,friends and also their own lives.
What seemed to be interesting, also transformed into a very interactive session when the floor was opened for question and answers, where Dr. Shetty answered each and every query beautifully. At the end of the webinar, Pratham Solanki, the head of operations of IEEE-SPIT, paid gratitude to all those who took their time out to attend the informative discussion, especially Dr. Harish Shetty who graced the event and very precisely answered all the questions that every human being must have faced at least once in their lifetime and for making the event a huge success.


You can watch this webinar on our youtube channel